My Blog has moved ….

Posted in Beads on February 7, 2011 by Inca

I desided after a lot of thinking and testing to move my blog =)

For all you that likes to follow my blog the new address is :

And all new post will be done here

Romanow Circles and other Chain-Maille

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After being closed due to misc difficulties, my shop is re-opened. With my new addiction Chain-Maille, featuring a major role.
hopefully more will come soon.

One of my Favorites being Romanov Chain Bracelet. I even maybe a version of this for myself. Pics showing the one featured for sale in my store.


Chains are in?

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I traded and got a little Chain Maille kit. And I been wanting to try this for  awhile now … so I figured out I jump into it …
So here is what I ended with:

And since I dont need to long bracelet – I used the rest of the rings to make earrings …

Friends is a charm =)

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I got my charm bracelet today … the one made with all my BD friends.

Here is close ups with numbers:
And if your on the bracelet and your numbers dont have a name please let me know …

1:   Melinda
2:   Cat
3:   Vicky
4:   Lois
5:   Lina
6:   Evalie
7:   Lody
8:   SEllen
9:   Jeni
10: Sherri
11: Yeli
12: Dagi
13: Christina
14: Tamara
15: Jeni
16: Janine
17: Lois
18: Moira

And thanks to Cat for making it or that is assembling it. And for a better piccy …


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My sister just opened her little shop on ArtFire. So far she is selling Sock-Monsters, but I think the plan is to sell other kinda OOAK cuddlies too. So go get your own little sock-monster, she do make on demand if you want some other style or colors.
Ravienna’s shop.
Here some pics of her creations =)


Bead Storage – How too…

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How to best store your bead? I think that is a question every beader asks themselves all the time. Store by color? By size?  By Project? Or by material? And for the part 2 of the same problem… Where to store, in a box, a bag, drawers. Or just in random storage boxes that don’t really fit together…
I seem to be lost. I can’t make up my mind one way or the other … Ofc in my mind there is the perfect storage – but who can afford all the right drawers and boxes and tables to get their storage perfect? 
So how do you do it – live with the less perfect option?
I been sorting my beads for weeks now – I never seem to be all done before I change the tactic and plan and restart … and now I seem to be stuck in an evil loop that I can’t escape.

And for some reason … it seems to get my Muse stuck in the mess too …
So any one have any good ideas – that work with a zero budget? Let me know…

Sorry for the break

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For those of you crazy enough to miss me and my ramblings.
I just want to say I think the summer (May, June and July) got to hot and stressful for me.
I seem to not really manage to many achievements in my beading or any other crafts.

Ill try to snap out of it and get back to beading, but if someone have some ideas or inspiration for me – feel free to let me know.

Berry Butterflies

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I got some sweet little butterflies from Artbeads, and the plan I think was a necklace but I didn’t get enough butterflies. So I ended making a bracelet instead of having to wait to get more.
The red “berries” are some beads that got donated to me by a friend I met on a beading forum. A wonderfully kind lady and a great friend. I wont mention name or anything cause she has not said its ok for me to give out her identity. 
But the beads are nice, bright and cheerful red. And they make a perfect harmony with some crystal AB Swarovski’s and the nice golden-colored butterflies.
The name “Berry Butterflies” is what my sweet fiancée called the bracelet when I showed it to him.

My first Kumihimo bracelet

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This bracelet I made in early march, but since it was for a “secret Santa swap” I had to wait with posting on it until my mark got her package. And shipping date was April 16th, but due to some volcano on Iceland having a temper tantrum, mail between Norway and USA ofc got effected and delayed.
I now had it confirmed that my bracelet creation made it to Iowa. And my mark Lody was very happy, it was her first Kumi too, and in her favorite colors =)

Bunny Challenge …

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For those that is waiting for a follow-up or winners. The challenge is canceled – due to no entries.

If someone one has or know of some bunny theme project – I am still interested.